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About a copyright

An obligee of a KAMISM corporation and the original author and other things possesses each sentences carried on the website in KAMISM and the website, a figure and a right of the design and a copyright about a trademark and a logo and other things.
It'll be the Copyright Act violation, so after making a contact to a KAMISM corporation beforehand, the act which copies data in a website without obligee's assent of a KAMISM corporation or the original author and other things except for the case when printout and preservation, etc. are performed and the case admitted by other Copyright Acts for the purpose of personal use, sends, distributes, alters and removes would like to ask you to get assent.

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When the following act is done without notice, it'll be the Copyright Act violation.

Use of a portrait
Use of third person's work and trademark
Use of a trademark of a KAMISM corporation
Further even if I receive a contact, I'll decline one in case of use by the way to judge that a KAMISM corporation is improper and the purpose.

When using data in a website with the above, please don't do change and elimination of copyright indication.

Exemption particular

Contents and the function in a website in KAMISM are offered to everybody who has this offer act use by the premise which won't carry on technical advice and offer work of service.
This and others, contents in a website and the function, entirely, what kind of, without guaranteeing it, we assume that I don't ask about specification and according to the revelation, and I don't do the guarantee of the revelation about the commercial value and the conformability about the use purpose at all.
It's just offered by "condition of the current state arisugata".

■ The entry of data and the construction in a website are changed or canceled without notice, so please accept it.
■ We assume that a KAMISM corporation, the employee and a contractor don't also shoulder any responsibility about these information in a website and material. (Responsibility about actual damage, direct damage, consequent damage, collateral damage and all damage of indirect damage or special damage is included in this.)