Kami(paper) + ism = KAMISM

Fusion of traditional technique and creative design
Japanese paper has unique profundity and warmth from the ancient period.
We want to expand wagami tradition globally and help creation of a space design to match modern life style and make life spiritual and affluent.
KAMISM was born in such wishes.
Our craftsmen, who have the technical capabilities and full knowledge of the Japanese traditional techniques, offer the original Japanese paper.
With the concept of "special expansion from single Japanese paper", Kamism proposes to bring you spatial variety.


KAMISM brand wagami papers are made by hand at KAMISM LABORATORY.

Our craftsmen develop our original creative wagami with mixture of classical and new techniques.

Kamism wagami are produced, sheet by sheet with choice of base wagami up on the usage.

It gives warm atmosphere by soft appearance and feeling, something that feels familiar, and comfortable which can not express in logic.


Japanese have been taking full of character of the natural form. Wagami is developed from unique Japanese culture and traditional technique, which can be proud to the world. Wagami has been widely used throughout Japan since ancient times, and it is flexible material of shape, largeness, material, texture etc.
Japanese unique culture and space concept are condensed into it.

Main raw material, Kozo, is grown a year. Also, it is very eco-friendly material for producing and disposal.
Japanese sophisticated technique and delicate feeling are changed as time goes by.

And it is traditional culture, created by Japanese sense of beauty and emotion with enjoying the seasons.


This appearance can be created only by hand. To coat layer by layer, and over and over shows different appearance slightly on each sheet. Also, elaborate shade and shadow appears by lighting or looking-angle.
It gives pleasant space alter with time.

Other Traditional Technique