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  • WASHI for Glass Panels

    WASHI for Glass Panels

    Artistic paper for Glass and Acrylic panels. Use for partition, lighting, accent and more.
    Handmade natural materials and Eco-friendly.
    All of products can be customized, color, design etc.

    Product Number:KPU131~KPU175

  • KAMISM Art Panel Collection [Passage]

    KAMISM Art Panel Collection [Passage]

    KAMISM Art Panel Collection "Passage" is the catalogue for the art panel.Those art panels are created in the unique ways, such as using a combination of some techniques, piling the different art papers on top of another, and making three-dimensional shapes. Those expressions can be realized on the only panel.We have made the art panel in the different point of view from the art paper, and hope that the KAMISM art panel would fit to any interior designs for your projects.It would be our pleasure if we could continuously support you for making the interior design.

    Product Number:KA-P301~KA-P352