Washi Art Panel【Newsletter】

Washi Art Panel

Project:Sankaruna Nishijin, Design:Semba

This is the custom art panel with KAMISM Washi. The boards with rounded corners are used.
By making the board in three-dimension, the contrast between light and shadow is created,
and makes the expression of the art panels completely different from the one seen on the flat surface.

Custom Art Panel Design Process

Please feel free to contact us for consultation on custom art panel.
In the above images, we introduce a custom-made panel which arranges standard products.
※Standard product no.: KA-P343

Custom Art Panel Portfolio

Project:Kozue, Design:Seshimo Architects, Photographer:45g Photography

Art Panel Catalogue Introduction

Washi Art Panel collection are introduced on the catalogue.
The change of panel size, color, and design are available.
On the page 31, hanging method of the product and accessories are introduced.
We hope it would be helpful for you. Please kindly review it.

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