Harmony of Washi and Color ・ Stained Glass-Style Washi【Newsletter】

Potential of Washi and Color

This is Impressive world that is created with the harmony of Washi and Color.

Washi and Color

There are various kinds of Washi. It has different materials, thickness, texture, and so on.
The materials are plant fibers. Even the same kind of Washi, it has slightly different expression by a making lot.
The important thing is to learn about the feature of Washi itself, and find out the suitable color combination with Washi.
Then, it can create most impressive art which has ever seen. We believe that the potentials of Washi are infinite.

Custom Color

Color formulation and color matching

(Left) Design Image
(Right) ProductImage *This art is created with patchworks in 4 colors.

Making Colors

KAMISM has various colors of dyes and pigments.
The selection of dyes and pigments are decided on to meet the color requested.
The color impression is differed with Washi kinds and Washi’s production lots,
so the formulation requires craftsmanship experience.


Technique is decided on depending on the washi kinds and detailed of art.
Products that are dyed by spraying color has different impression from the dye by brushing color, making clear line art.
The beautiful gradation art can be created by spraying color.

Production Video

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