Sumi Art【Newsletter】

Harmony of Japanese Art and European design

Contemporary Design created with KAMISM Sumi art and European interior

Pullman Tokyo Tamachi

The first Pullman hotel to open in Japan. Tamachi is the center of Tokyo
and comfort and convenience for business and sightseeing.
The KAMISM Sumi Arts are fresh and dynamic, and beautifully match to interior of the European design.

Sumi Art Work

Insistence to a “Fude”

”Fude” tools for Sumi Art

Each “Fude” creates the different impression of lines, Wider and Thinner, Strong and Weak, etc.
Artist decides which type of “Fude” is suitable for the art. For the Sumi Arts below,
three types of “Fude” were used.

Sumi Art is the “Free-Hand” drawing, no guide and no draft drawing on the washi paper.
An artist starts it as he feels and moved. For the wider and longer length design, several papers are used.
In considering the joint marks, the artist is creating the art. “Only One” art in the world is completed.



Abstract Art, Representational Art, KAMISM is able to create what you would like to have for your important projects.

Production Video

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