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Except the cases where the website is printed or saved for personal use and when such action is approved by the copyright law, reproduction, transmission, distribution, modification, and ablation of the data on the website without permission of KAMISM, the author, or other right holders shall constitute a breach of the copyright law. Please contact KAMISM in advance to obtain permission.


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The acts shown below without permission shall constitute a breach of the copyright law.

  • Use of portraits
  • Use of third-parties' copyrighted work or trademarks
  • Use of the trademarks of KAMISM CO., LTD.

Your request for the permission for the above acts may be rejected when KAMISM CO., LTD. judges that the method and purpose of such acts are inappropriate.

Do not change or delete the copyright even when you use the data on the website in conformity with the above rules.

Exemption Clause

The contents and functions of the KAMISM website are provided on the assumption that such an act of provision will not be interpreted as business-related specialist advice or service to users.

The contents and functions of the website will not guarantee explicitly or implicitly the commercial value, adequateness of the purpose of use, or any other matters.

They are provided simply "as they are".

■The data, entries, and composition of the website are subject to change or discontinuation without advance notice.

■KAMISM CO., LTD., as well as its employees and contractors, will not assume any responsibility for the information and documents shown on the website. (The responsibility mentioned here includes actual damage, direct damage, consequential damage, incidental damage, indirect damage, special damage, or any other damage.)

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