KAMISM Shop / KAMISM工房ショップ


KAMISM Original shop "KAMISM Lab." has been opened.


This is the place to investigate full gamut of possibility of KAMISM.
KAMISM will develop new products with Original KAMISM paper, and continue to introduce interesting events to be familiar to you.
Also, we hold workshop which you can try part of our work.


Artisan's Work

An artisan who works 45 years in this field works in KAMISM Lab.
Actual work can be seen right in front of you.
The work are varied. What you would see are depends on what he works for the day.


At Museum area, you would see actual tools with history and techniques.
You could learn the background of products.

Work Shop

You could also try part of KAMISM work, not only look at artisan's work.

- Class -
Make original post cards. Choose two colored Japanese post cards and make prints. Approximate: 20 mins Cost: 1,000.00 JPY each class / Table lamp with Wagami shade. Make original lamp shade with Mokuhan, Suminagashi, or Kusibiki. Approximate: 40 mins Cost: 2,500.00 JPY
Please make reservation by .

Original goods

KAMISM Original goods are available only in this shop.
New products keep coming up.
Find your favorite.


Open : 
10:00am to 5:30pm (Weekday / Weekend)
Close : 
Sun. Mon. and Holidays
If Saturday is a holiday,we are open regularly.
Address : 
3-7-11 Narihira, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
TEL : 
FAX : 

* 1min walk from Oshiage sta. B2 exit.
* No parking area at the shop. Please use meter parking.